The Art of Assam

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Assam has a flourishing handicrafts business. Assam is renowned for the production of some wonderful silk. The state produces superior quality silk called ‘Pat’ and ‘Muga’. Moreover, weaving and embroidery are counted as major handicraft industry in the state. Cane and bamboo are also used here exquisitely to make beautiful handicrafts. In addition, terracotta products of Assam are also good examples of beautiful crafts.

The cottage industry of Assam produces many products made of brass and bell such as water pots, dishes, bowls, spoons, and cymbals and so on. Pottery is another handicraft of Assam that creates toys, household articles, and so on. Due to the easy availability of wood in the state, there are many good woodcarvings seen in Assam. Masks made in Assam are mostly used for folk theatres.

These are produced with materials such as terracotta, metal, bamboo and wood Handloom weaving is something very special and exclusively unique about this state. Assam has a long tradition of weaving cloths. In fact, it is a way of life in many parts of the state even today. Most households in villages possesses a loom in which they weave cloths out of cotton and many kinds of the famous Assam silk namely, ‘Pat’ and ‘Muga’. They mostly create ‘mekhela-chaddar’ (a kind of sari worn by Assamese ladies), ‘Gamosa’ (towels) and other things by weaving.

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