The Art of Varanasi

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


The philosophy is simple faith of Indian folk artisan,the handloom weavers, the man behind the loom. Though the methods employed in making hand-loom fabric are simple, the result is extraordinary. This industry of India is caste based, labour intensive, tradition oriented, having a legacy of unrivalled craftsmanship with a decentralized set-up, that has spread throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Handloom in Banaras is not just about weaving beautiful fabrics. It is the most sustainable practice to create fabric, it is an intrinsic part of our culture.


Hailed as the Indian sun in the world of fashion once, Banarasi weavers demand immediate attention to sustain this traditional craft. A survey was conducted by Confluence in Benaras district of Uttar Pradesh state during the year 2017 to find the present status of silk weavers. The study results revealed that the situation of weavers was pathetic; they were feeble due to illiteracy, financial constraints, marketing bottleneck and Government support.


The hand-woven fabric is symbolic of man’s endeavour to bring beauty and grace into life. India has a rich cultural heritage of handloom industry and handicraft. Indians are world famous for their magnificent workmanship and produced the most beautiful and exquisite handspun and hand-woven textiles. The artistic skills of the traditional handloom weavers are second to none.

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